The Client

Outdoor Solutions is a landscape supply company located on the south side of Lincoln, NE. They offer an impressive assortment of decorative landscape rock, flagstones, borders, mulches, topsoil, retaining wall, pavers and construction materials.

The Need

Outdoor Solutions came to us with an outdated website that was not serving their business well. They were not able to adequately showcase their new products online. It was hard for customers to find what they were looking for without being on the property. Even then, they’d have to walk the yard to get an idea of the products Outdoor Solutions carried. The website had become more of a backburner item rather than a tool to help their business. In addition, the website was not accessible via a mobile device and was hard for them to update. One of the goals of the company was to provide the best service in the area. The website was one way they could improve this.

The Solution

After identifying the problem areas, Skwintz and Outdoor Solutions worked together on a new website focused on showcasing products. Making it easy to scan and identify which products you were interested in became a top priority. Our secondary goals were effectively communicating current hours and highlighting how close Outdoor Solutions is to Lincoln.

In order to achieve our first goal, we chose to make the products very photo based. This made it easy to compare between products and scan prices. Specially when the user already has an idea in mind of what they’re looking for. When available, there is also a calculator to help customers calculate how much of the product they will need for their project. 

The Results

The solution worked so well the products section is now being used in the showroom on an ipad for customers to browse without having to walk the whole yard of products. In addition, the website is now responsive and easy for the Outdoor Solutions staff to update themselves. Customers can better identify which products they need and calculate the quantity online. They often get feedback from their customers on how easy it is to navigate their website. The website has become a tool to grow their business rather than just something that existed online.

“The Skwintz team is top-notch, seriously. Becca and Hannah were responsive, intuitive, and really molded the perfect website for our company. When a new idea came up to add or tweak the website during the design phase, it would be changed in mere moments. On a daily basis, we get compliments on how easy it is to navigate our website and how good it looks. Skwintz did a phenomenal and we will refer them to everyone we can.”

Brent Van Winkle
Sales manager