we aim to push possibilities

At Skwintz, we aim to push the possibilities of design and development to empower others to see the potential in their own brands and connect with their customers in a way they never imagined.

Meet the team

We’ve got a passion for problem solving.

We embrace new challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems as a team. Together, we help businesses design incredible websites and web apps.

Located in Nebraska.

The connected world we live in allows great work to be built anywhere. Whether you’re across the street or across the world, we look forward to meeting you.

Your small but mighty team.

Flexibility and the ability to pivot are core to who we are. We may be smaller than most, but being a niche firm allows us to be mighty for our clients in all the ways that matter most.

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Becca Kroese

As a self-taught developer, Becca dove into code at an early age. She later graduated from the Creative Center in Omaha, NE with a BFA in graphic design. Armed with technical prowess and a keen eye for design, Becca successfully launched Skwintz in early 2013.

Becca is always learning, currently she's working on sharpening her JavaScript skills and sharing the process at @reactwithme.

When she’s not enjoying the hustle of entrepreneurial life, she likes spending time with her husband and son, drinking coffee or craft beer, day hikes, watching documentaries, or reading a good book.

Hannah Tripe

Hannah is a talented and hardworking designer living in Alma, NE. Hannah attended the Creative Center in Omaha where she got her BFA of Graphic Design degree. She has put that education to excellent use every day since joining Skwintz in late 2013.

When she’s not designing websites, Hannah loves playing with her three (soon to be four!) babies, spending time with her husband, relaxing at the lake, or spending time on the farm.

“The Skwintz team is top notch, seriously. Becca and Hannah were responsive, intuitive, and really molded the perfect website for our company. When a new idea came up to add or tweak the website during the design phase, it would be changed in mere moments. On a daily basis we get compliments on how easy it is to navigate our website and how good it looks. Skwintz did a phenomenal and we will refer them to everyone we can.”

Brent Van Winkle
Sales manager - Outdoor Solutions

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Do you Skwint?

Skwintz is a daily reminder to evaluate where you are
now, and where you plan to be.

With both Becca and Hannah's roots including fine art, we embraced a method taught in fine art school. In fine art school, Students are encouraged to evaluate contrast and composition by squinting. This helps you simplify the scene, eliminate the noise, and better see your art piece as a whole.

Throughout the day to day of business and executing projects, we remind ourselves and our clients to squint — to evaluate where we are and how that measures up to the big picture. To consider any changes that need to be made to reach our goals, and to make those changes.

This encourages both us and our clients to get back to the basics, eliminate the day to day noise, and see the big picture. Then and only then we can make sure we’re hitting our goals and achieving what we set out to do.

So, do you Skwint?